Sunday, March 17, 2013

Starting from Scratch (Again)

(Original written September 8, 2012)

Here it goes and blog number 3 (it is actually now four I just copied and pasted this from my last blog) begins.  I have attempted to write 2 (now 3) other blogs, however, I stopped writing in them because I would compare my blog to others.  I wanted to write as eloquent as my cousin.  I wanted to have the “html” skills that my friend had so I could make my blog unique and eye catching.  However, over this past year (2011 till now) I have finally learned that my blog is mine.  I have my own stories to tell.  Some days there may be eloquent words and other days may have words of heartache, pain, agony, or anger.  These are my writings and no one else’s.  I am writing this for me and maybe for that someone who stumbles across this blog and sees that they are not alone in what they are going through. 
            I decided to create my third blog when I was out on a run, well an interval run.  I have been using the app “Ease into 5k” because one day back in May I decided I wanted to “learn to love to run.”  Yes, for you English majors out there or my friend Jen, I know that this saying isn’t grammatically correct, but it is mine and it’s where I one day, while running, decided to create this blog to talk about everything I have come to love (or maybe even not love) through my trials, pain, heartache, and laughter.  While reading my blog maybe you too can
“Learn to love to Run”
            So I begin.  May 2012 I wanted to learn to love to run.  I had many reasons why; one, running is inexpensive, no gym membership is required.  Two, I realized running gives me time to myself to clear my head and just to think.  Three, I just created a new and eternal friendship with an amazing couple,who I will, call J and K, who are both runners and I feel like running can be a connection even when we are 2,500 miles away from each other.  Through out my blog you will be able to learn a little bit about J and K but for now you will just have to keep reading and anticipating whom these two amazing people are that I want to stay connected with! 
            I posted my unique saying on Facebook because I was so excited to start this new adventure of learning how much fun running can be.  With this post I received a great gift in the mail about a week later!!  New running shoes!!!  I was so excited to put them on and start breaking them in!! J and K decided they wanted to help me in my new journey so they sent these new shoes and a card with words of encouragement.         
So far, through running, I have learned a lot more about myself.  For starters I have learned that I can run.  I may not be the world’s fastest runner or I may not qualify for the Boston marathon, but I can run.  I will run in 5k’s, 10k’s, half marathons, marathons and one day train for a sprint triathlon.  I have learned the importance of listening to my body and not pushing myself if my body is screaming at me to stop.  Shoes are very important to insure that you are taking good care of your body.  The shoes that J and K got me were amazing and they gave me that extra push to get out the door and onto the black top but after a few weeks my right knee had enough.  Unfortunately these shoes where not the best fit for my high arches and did not allow any cushion in my running so my knees were taking the direct hit when I ran.  I was able to go to Blue Mile to get fitted for the shoes that would satisfy my running form.  I have also learned to appreciate the beauty of the world around me and not to take anything for granted.
So far running has been a great form of therapy for me.  I have been able to release a lot of emotion in my runs and it has allowed me to have a better day or week.  Unfortunately school started 4 weeks ago on Monday and so it has put a dent into my running but I just have learned I need to work on my time management and start going to bed earlier so I can wake up earlier to run!! Besides running in the morning is a little more peaceful as well.  Here's to hoping I can get at least three runs in this upcoming week.  Until then get out and do something relaxing!


  1. Keep up the blogging!

    1. Thanks Jen I am certainly going to try :-) you and Geoff should do the same or start again :-)