Monday, October 21, 2013

A Dance to share a story with many

Many that know me may not see a dancer in me but I see one in myself.  Dance is so beautiful and can help express so many emotions and can tell so many beautiful stories.  I have visions of dancing in my head many days I ask myself what would my dance for the day look like? What does dancing have to do about my journey well I want help creating a dance and I want to perform this dance in front of the nation.  To do this I need a choreographer and Nigel Lythgoe. :-)

One day as I was watching "So you think you Can Dance" and a thought came to me.  I want to share the story of adoption with the world through dance.  How beautiful would it be to have a stage full of birth moms dancing a dance that expresses the heartache, the beauty, the grief, and the happiness?  I began to express this dream with my family and some friends and said all I need is a song and someone who can help me choreograph it.  Then one day as I was studying and listening to Pandora a song came on called "Gracie's Theme".  A strong sense of emotion started filling my chest and I began to cry.  I shut my eyes and I started picturing this dance in my head.  I saw the beginning of the dance with that initial shock and reaction of how could this happen to me (yes I do know how it happened). Then I visioned the pain of trying to decide between parenting or placing.  Then came the part in the song where I made my decision and chose the family.  Then the final part of the song is the day of delivery with every sense of emotion going through my mind and heart.  From the happy tears of finally seeing this beautiful little girl, to the tears of realizing that she will only be mine for 2 days, then the emotion of signing the papers and giving her the life I know she needs to have with her amazing parents.  This song was such an amazing song.  Now that I have my song or the song that can be performed by many birth moms I just need the choreographer right?!?!

Who would be able to help capture these emotions?  Who would want to take on such a selfless act to help many birth moms work together to show the nation the true emotions of placing your son or daughter for adoption?  There were two choreographers that came to mind.  Two that create such beautiful masterpieces.  Travis Wall and Mia Michaels.  The dance that really hit me this past season though was Travis's dance with the musical piece by Daughter "Medicine"  This was the dance performed by Tucker Knox and Robert Roldan.  This piece was so moving and touching that I just started dreaming.  Dreaming that one day I will be able to get in contact with Travis and ask him this one huge favor.  Help me with my dance.  Help me show everyone my experience of what it was like to become a birth mom.  Don't just help me help a room full of birth moms show their pain, their courage, heartache, and their strength.

Dance helps heal the soul.  It tells so many stories and can help those in need.  I want to dance to help that teenage girl who is in need.  Who is uncertain about what she should do.  I want to dance for those families who are waiting for their child through adoption to help show them the courage that it takes (not that they don't know it but sometimes it may be hard to understand).  I want this dance to help those birth moms who hide the fact that they are a birth mom.  I want them to know that it is ok. Adoption is a beautiful thing.  Adoption helps create families.  I hope to one day make this dream a reality.

With Love,

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